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Erik Van Horn is known for his expertise in franchising and has become one of the most coveted advisors in the niche. He is a family man, master connector, mentor to early-stage brands, and lifestyle investor.


Erik hosts the largest podcast in franchising, the Franchise Secrets Podcast.  He has engaged in fascinating conversations with many thought leaders including Robert Kiyosaki, Cameron Herold, Bedros Keuilian, Gino Wickman, Dave Asprey, Roland Frasier, David Meltzer, Brian Scudamore, Alex Hermozi, Dan Fleyshman, and Kevin Harrington.


Erik’s first business was a franchise that he grew to 42 locations in Austin TX. After learning how to leverage the franchise model, he bought 7 more bands as a franchisee, started one as a franchisor, and had successful exits including an 8-figure exit to private equity.


Erik grew his network and net worth through masterminds. Seeing the value of being in the right room, he founded two masterminds–one for franchisees and another for franchisors.


Erik also co-founded the Tribe of Investors Mastermind to help people stop trading time for money and grow their passive income through education and off-market cash-flow deals.


Erik is passionate about helping brands scale and inspiring people to stop trading time for money.


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